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Naperville University Commons Animal Clinic is THE ONLY 100%, five star review veterinary and family pet service. This is is your "no brainer choice".  With exeptional care, experience and three generation of loyal client families. Dr. Nir (who earned an advanced MS. degree in Veterinary Surgery and Medicine at Kansas State University (1986) and Marryanne, who is the "second boss", for over twenty some years, deliver your ultimate family veterinarian care. WE make pets (Dogs, cats and Exotic Pets) as well as their families feel at home, caring for their special loving relationship with knowledge and compassion (Feel free to ask your neighbors about us, actually, please do!).

Located at the Naperville University Commons plaza, we are in your neighberhood living space and are conveniently located. Our family  practice has a unique design that makes pets as well as their families feel comfortable and at home. The open oak decorated layout and spacious rooms,, accommodate the whole family and make the visit to the vet an educational interactive and pleasant experience, even before you meet us... Pets instinctively percieve and trust our  love, compassion and support. As for you family, we even have a small "petting zoo," For the kids, where they can play and intearct with this magic animal world,  in case we are busy in the stinky anal case process or a boring nail trim...

We care for pets as well as their family members as whole. Our emphasis is on safe quality medicine and care. We help keep pets and your families healthy, physically as well as emotionally, so that they live happy long life. They give us unconditional love any time and anywhere and they deserve the best care.  

Parents to children, dogs to hamsters, we go the extra mile to make the visit to an educational, interactive and unique experience. We are friends of pets and people and treat you all like family. Many of our clients just stop by to say hello or discuss problems. Kids often visit our "petting zoo" and spend quality, educational time with us. Many dogs will drop in for a pat on the head and a treat during their daily walks...  We build a trustworthy, sincere and dependable, long-term personal relationships with you and your pet and give you the care you need on a continuous basis. You and your pets will find unmatched human touch, compassion and respect.

Dr. Nir and Maryanne explain all treatment plans and processes with you. Pet care requires team work and so you will work hand in hand with us to make the right decisions for your pets. We always explain the medical conditions and treatment options in a reassuring, understandable manner. You are always welcome to come in with questions and concerns and will always leave with answers and solutions. We will help you and your pet receive the veterinary care you need. 

At you receive the best service: better pet care, support, education and advanced Veterinary Medicine. We are experienced, knowledgeable, progressive, and accessible. We always deliver professional, dependable, cutting edge veterinary care to your hands. We treat dogs, cats, birds, reptiles ( Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Snakes), amphibians, fish and small mammals (Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Ferrets, Hamsters, Rats) and more!

Communication is the key to excellent care so we respond quickly to telephone calls and emails. If your pet is sick, we will make time for you, no matter what the schedule is.

Choosing a family veterinarian you can trust and depend on is not easy, espacially when everybody says they are the best. So you need to check it out! You will see that after you meet Dr. Nir and Maryanne and experience the visit, you will understand that we provide an unmatchable warm, comforting environment, along with the expected best medicine, experties and many years of dedicated veterrinary professional pet care.

So, Come check us out and see for yourself - your first visit is FREE! We even have a 24 hr texting access. Text or call 630-448-0410 any time.

More info? Stop by, call, text. and  Read our reviews*** - 10 out of 10 based on 30+ ratings.

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