The-vet.net is a special place. We care for families and their pets (cats, dogs and exotic animals) and we help enhance life through better pet care, support, education and advanced communication.


Pets are an important part of our families. They enhance our lives through unconditional love and companionship. The roll of pets in children learning, human patient healing and longevity has long been established. During the life cycle of the pet, our children learn the meaning of responsibility, care giving, mutual relationship and life. We help you get the best of your pet companionship by caring for the pet and you as well.
Lifestyles, family members and environment are important factors in choosing a pet. Having a pet is a big responsibility and can be very demanding. We all have preferences and so do pets and it is important that we match the two. Living space, human health conditions, time and financial abilities must match species and breed needs. We help you choose the right pet and advise you about the care they need so that both of you maximize the pleasure of having each other.


We build a trustworthy, sincere and dependable, long-term personal relationship with you and your pet and give you the care you need on a continuous basis. We serve people and pets with human touch, compassion and respect. We all work together to keep you and your pets happy.


Keeping pets healthy is an on-going process. We will help you and your pet with the care you need, depending on your special needs. We always explain the medical conditions and treatment options in a simplified manner and make your visit a pleasant and an educational experience. You will understand your pet’s medical conditions and become involved in the healing process and the treatment plan. We are experienced, progressive and knowledgeable and deliver professional, dependable, cutting edge veterinary care into your hands.


Many families have several pets of different species. We offer complete, high quality veterinary care for many species (cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, small mammals and more) at a convenient one-stop family practice. You can depend on us for the care of all your pets.


We promote the scientific part of pet ownership through education and information. During your visits you will gain knowledge of the biology and the nature of your pet as an animal. We will counsel you about behavior and husbandry and you will improve the level of care for your pets. We help teach children the responsibilities and the consequences of having a pet. We will walk hand in hand through the life cycle of the pet and make the most of that so special relationship.


We integrate the most advanced technologies and bring our veterinary services to the super highway of enhanced communication- the cyber space. You will have access to information any time, anywhere. Our web site offers online interactive educational tools, veterinary information and links, online pet services (such as medical records and appointments information, registration and update, appointment and prescription refill requests), Pet web pages and family pet albums and more. Better communication means better pet care. Email is a valuable communication tool integrated into our services. You can communicate with us constantly whenever and wherever you are.


We volunteer community services in the area of pet care and zoological education through public speaking, school and other group presentations, and visits to the clinic’s behind the scene activities.


We invite you to stop by and meet us. We will be happy to give you a tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have.

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