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Canine medicine

General canine medicine and surgery.
Custom wellness plan.
Digestive system disease medicine Breed related disease.
Respiratory medicine.
Neuromuscular and epilepsy management.
Corrective behavior, training and consultation.
Nutrition and weight management.
Pediatrics and senior care.

Feline medicine

Feline diagnosis and medicine.
Respiratory and infectious diseases.
Urinary tract diseases.
Kidney and liver diseases.
Age related problems and senior care.
Dietary therapy.
Nutrition and weight management.

Exotic animal medicine

Birds: Parrots, Canaries, Budgies...
Reptiles: Iguanas, lizards, Dragons, Snakes, turtles, Chameleons....
Amphibians: Frogs, Salamanders, Nutes...
Fish: Ornamental fish.
Mammals: Rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, Ferrets.
Reptile and Exotic animal husbandry.
Species specific care instructions.
Nutritional medicine and management.
Help in selecting the right pets.


Eye and related diseases
Cherry eye and corrective eye-lid surgery.
Dry eye and tearing abnormalities.
Various species eye problems.
Ophalmologist referral.


Allergic skin diseases: allergy testing and multiple treatment methods
Parasitic skin diseases: Fleas, ticks, mites and more
Hair loss.
Skin trauma and wounds.
Exotic animal skin disorders.
Lumps and bumps diagnosis treatment and surgery.
Anal sac disease.

Nutrition and Weight management

Obesity management and weight control multifaceted program.
Weight loss diagnosis and treatment.
Nutritional consult and dietary medicine.
Digestive diseases.
Age related problems and senior care.
Dietary therapy and metabolic/hormonal assessment.
Nutrition and weight management.

Dentistry and surgery

General dentistry: Prophylactic and oral disease care Peri/odontal treatment.
Oral surgery and disease management.
Exotic animal dentistry.
Elective surgery: Spay, Neuter, Declaw...
Soft tissue and corrective surgery.
Trauma and wound surgery.
Exotic animal surgery.


Macroscopic and microscopic diagnosis.
Body fluids pathology and analysis.
Clinical pathologyRadiology.
Other laboratory and diagnostic procedures.
Commercial laboratory services .


In-house pharmacy.
Online medication orders.
Specialty formulations and veterinary pharmaceuticals.
Pain management medications.

Family medicine and preventative care

Preventative medicine.
Safe vaccines and custom vaccination plans.
Rabies control and wildlife considerations.
Microchip implantation.
Sanitary and hygiene prophylaxis.
Family health and transmissible disease prevention.
Heartworm disease and parasite control.

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